Cover Letter

I Dominate Challenges!

I work as a project manager for a Web/Mobile/Embedded Systems Development Company where I am lucky to work with 2 recipients of the prestigious Ottawa Business Journal “Top 40 Under 40” award. I feel particularly blessed because they act as mentors and a provide access to a network of excellent developers / designers. In addition to answering calls and emails from my clients I am involved with planning out the details of new mobile applications or websites and discussing changes that clients want to make to existing systems. When needed – I also provide technical assistance to the developers on specific programming challenges.

I’m always interested in new opportunities in the non-profit sector because I want to continue my development as a cross-sectional leader who isn’t simply typecast as a ‘internet developer guy’ or ‘business consultant’. Wherever possible – I’m seeking to use my skills for organizations focused on food security, environmental stability and general social good.

  • My initial experiences in project management came from owning a salt water pet company for which I spent countless hours preparing presentations to investors, banks and other funding sources or managing internal projects. That management process included many facets:
  • Care documentation for various species
  • 3D models of tank designs and warehouse layouts using everything from AutoCAD to Google SketchUp to pen and notebook
  • Financial projections for setting business goals and prioritizing work efforts.

Given the nature of small startup businesses I’ve also done much of the labor involved including building aquariums, tank and facility plumbing, electrical, leasehold improvements and many other jobs. That business has been scaled down due to profit margins vs time investment. As an entrepreneur I learned the importance of self-direction in taking project plans through to completion in addition to maintaining relationships with suppliers and distributors. I hope to use these skills to build a high volume food growing facility inside a large city.

With experience in presenting learned from involvement with management training program GrindSpaceXL, and mentorship from VentureStart, Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Ottawa Community Loan Foundation and Invest Ottawa I’m very comfortable giving group presentations and pitching new ideas. In GrindSpaceXL I participated in 3 months of full day sessions from industry professionals covering topics such as Customer RelationshipManagement with Susan Englehut based on her Vision to Value system, Effective Business Positioning and techniques for approaching Key Opinion Leaders in your industry with Andrew Jackson, Channel Sales Strategies involving Structured Compensation Plans with Andrew Moffatt, Digital Marketing Techniques with Chris Johnson, Corporate Governance and Legal Structure with Debora Rosati and Donna Price, and Leadership in Tech Companies with Christine Peachman. The notes taken at these sessions I still refer to on a regular basis.

During university – I was elected as secretary or other board positions for 3 student organizations: A philanthropic group (WaterCan@Carleton), political organization (World Voice Canada) and social club (Acacia) I was responsible for the planning of events involving many students with various responsibilities including transportation, food, facilities and presentations. My responsibilities included public speaking, writing agendas, preparing meeting minutes and delivering summaries of discussions held by executive bodies.

As established by a range of online tests my average typing speed is 80wpm or 400cpm when I’m not in a speaking position. This is sufficient to take accurate near-verbatim meeting minutes for group discussions and places me in the top 10% for typing speed and accuracy for multiple testing services.