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Big Data for Small Websites

Big Data is a hot topic these days; both online and in our daily lives. It offers the promise of improving everything from our health and fitness through to corporate sales and profit margins. The problem is for many SME (small and medium enterprise) businesses it seems like the cost of collecting and analyzing the… Read more »

So What is a Landing Page Anyway?

Let me start by framing this discussion a little bit with a scenario. You’re a small business with a popular service which you provide online. You have two types of traffic to your site on a regular basis. Existing customers who know your product and have already bought into your brand. These are repeat customers… Read more »

Unit Testing and Session Testing

What’s the Difference? The key difference between unit testing and session testing is one is performed in-situ and the other is performed ex-situ. When performing a Unit test the inputs provided by the testing environment are simulated so that the outputs can be predicted and confirm (or disconfirm) that the component behaves as expected. By… Read more »

A/B Testing

The goal of A/B testing is to make decisions based on user statistics. If a red button makes (for example) 20% more people click it than a gray button, and you want people to click that button – then it’s a good idea to make the button red.