Mission Statement and Creed

A number of years ago a good friend showed me how they keep their focus when too many responsibilities drag at their attention. In short – they maintain a mission statement and creed that they allow to guide their actions. By having a set of rules that they loosely apply to their life it allows them to do the right thing – instinctively.

Unlike the friend of mine who first introduced me to this strategy I always felt comfortable sharing mine with whoever was interested. In the early revisions it was always a paper document shared in the journal. However – as part of my efforts to make my life and ongoing goals a little more open I want to share it with you – online.

Mission Statement

My mission is to ensure that every day I am closer to my goal of being a friendly, productive and ecologically concious member of every community in which I participate.

To Fulfill this Mission:

  • I have Ideas: By making use of the diverse skills gathered from my habits of lifelong learning and wide range of jobs I can come up with unique solutions to complex problems which add value for my communities.
  • I have Character: My speech patterns, mannerisms, habits and skills are all as unique as fingerprints. I am free show them off and be proud of what they represent.
  • I have Value: Every act of creation brings new value into the world. By focusing on my ability to create both functional and artistic works I become a source of value.
  • I Resist: By refusing to fall victim to common mistakes of others I remain free to be a part of the greater society which I want to see grow. Learning from others and observing how they act provides a perspective which is impossible to see introspectively.
  • I Create: The works I create should positively foster the growth of their audience. By being a light in the relative darkness of popular media I can share my views of a better world and by doing so – help to propagate it.

Personal Creed

  • Breed the traits of success in myself and those who choose to surround me.
  • Live and act within the factors of the world where I have influence.
  • Allow others to watch, learn and lead by showing example, teaching and following.
  • Learn and grow by acknowledging the successes of others and participating in their celebrations.
  • Recognize and make use of all the facilities, resources and opportunities offered by my surroundings.
  • Develop my skills by being involved and working with with those who excel.
  • Build systems of self management by basing them on proven techniques.
  • Remember always that the world wants me to succeed but the core positive decisions to make it happen are my own responsibility.
  • Don’t try to learn everything. Focus on what you’re good at and trust specialists for the rest.
  • Offer examples of success before requesting freedom or opportunity.
  • Know and acknowledge my limitations and work to move past them.
  • Use today to prepare for tomorrow by making resources available before they’re needed.
  • Request help when personal limitations become cumbersome – it’s not strong to be a hero until you burn out.
  • Stress is natural and human – plan to take breaks before a break takes you.
  • Be involved in the construction of highly functional communities.
  • Actively advocate for pro-environmental policies when it’s within your power.
  • Music is a skill which many wish they had, continue it’s development before it becomes lost to time.
  • Live and work in a clean and organized personal space.