Technical Skills

Throughout my academic and working career I’ve tried to develop as wide a range of skills as possible. This focus on a broad education was driven by a belief that knowing the basics of a wide variety of different skills would provide for richer opportunities to bring unique perspectives to whatever discussion may be at hand. So while the list which follows may seem off topic for a typical IT “technical skills” page I want to clarify that I often receive requests for help on a wide variety of different topics.


  • Active self educator in fields of interest (Psychology, Computers, and Business)
  • Strong writing skills for Project Plans, Persuasive Articles, Essays, Speeches and Grants
  • Experience in Project Management, Web/Mobile App Development and Business Planning
  • Enjoys working in groups on collaborative projects and setting personal goals for solo work
  • Subject of a 2 articles published in the Ottawa Business Journal
    • “Carleton Duo Takes Top Prize at Tech Venture Challenge” OBJ 2010-05-12
    • “The Community Wins at Tech Venture Challenge” OBJ 2010-06-02
  • Mentioned as one of Ottawa’s 100 Rising Stars of Business for Global Entrepreneur Week 2013
  • Fundraising and start up financing experience through Aurora Aqua Farms


  • Experience with both application programming, document management and web development
  • Experience writing in Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, C#, Java, JavaScript, CSS and many others
  • Experience with Android, Arduino, Sensor, Actuator and Telecom networks
  • Ongoing web development and content creation for a variety of online platforms
  • Detailed understanding of common office suites such as Microsoft Office and OpenOffice Including Excel, Powerpoint, Word and their Google Docs equivalents (including SketchUp)
  • Strong understanding of Microsoft Operating Systems and administrative use of various distributions of Linux
  • Game programming experience gained through both personal projects and yearly “GameJam”
    • a 24 hour game design contest hosted by Carleton University


  • Classical and blues pianist with recording experience as a session musician for various tracks
  • Degree in Audio Engineering from The Audio Recording Academy (TARA) at Raven Street Studios
  • Many years of experience with numerous pieces of both vintage and modern audio equipment
  • Highly attuned ear for pitch, tone, timbre, and stereo localization
  • Worked with many bands and individual performers as either studio engineer or producer
  • Highly skilled in both studio and live environments
  • Thorough understanding of audio signal pathways and use of audio effects and dynamics processors in the tracking, mix-down and final mix stages of audio productions
  • Able to deal with quickly developing environments such as live, on-air or in-studio equipment failures/mistakes